These Agencies Recommend Air Purifier

United States Department of Labor

The OSHA recommend increased Filtration Including HEPA Filters.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC recommend increased Filtration Including HEPA Filters.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Recommends Portable air Clean and Air Purifiers.

World Health Organization

In its 2005 Air Quality Guideline had set for the first time guideline values for air purifiers


Why do I need Clean Surgical Air?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that 68% of Human Diseases are related to  Indoor Air pollution.

Making people sick over and over again because of poor air quality.



clean surgical air
clean surgical air


What makes your device unique compared to other air purifiers?

The device is the only air purifier in the world that has a 7 stage air cleansing process with 6 different filters that doesn’t just clear the air of pathogens, bacteria, allergens, and fungus but also reenergizes air for healthy living.


Does this technology eliminate the coronavirus?

The uniqueness of this device uses 6 different purification and filtration Technologies. It has not been tested for Covid however it does filter particles less than .1 (which is the size of many viruses) and even as small as 0.0025 microns.  The Covid virus is measured at 0.125 microns.

clean surgical air
Clean Surgical Air

When it comes to air purification there is no comparison.

New and better sound reduction technology.

Why Do I Need Clean Surgical Air.


Hazardous Chemicals and Dust
Remove ultra fine particulate and odors for a healthier  and safer working environment.


Airborne Pathogens and Odors
Destroy virus, bacteria and fungi and virtually eliminate sick day and increase productivity.


Best- in – class 6 stage medical grade filtration
Large capacity airflow with sound dampening design for whisper quiet operation.

Take care of Everyone.

Improves confidence in the workplace for staff and customers/client.

Breath Clean Air.

For $0 Down.

Environmental Protection Agency.

Recommends Portable air Clean and Air Purifiers.

World Class medical-grade.

Air Purification Systems suited for use in many industries.

Are you ready to take care of your Family?

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When it comes to air purification there is no comparison.

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