Frequently Asked Questions

Surgical Air Frequently Asked Questions

clean surgical air

Does this technology eliminate the coronavirus?

The uniqueness of this device uses 6 different purification and filtration Technologies.

It has not been tested for Covid however it does filter particles less than 0.1 microns (which is the size of many viruses).

The Covid virus is measured at 0.125 microns.

What makes your device unique compared other air purifiers?

The device is the only air purifier in the world that has a 7 stage air cleansing process with 6 different filters that doesn’t just clear the air of pathogens, bacteria, allergens, and fungus but also reenergizes air for healthy living.

How does the machine work?

The air purifier functions as an air cleaner by helping to disinfect airborne
microorganisms and removing particulates from the air.

The centrifugal fans of the unit draw air through the front panel(intake) on the front of each unit. Then it passes through pre-filter, the electronic cell, the activated carbon filter, chemical filter and the UV-PHOTO catalytic / Negation Ion sterilization chamber.

The purified air is then released through the outlet on the top of the unit.
Cleansing Process

  1.  Pre-Filter – The pre-filter traps large dust particles.
  2. Electronic Cell- The two stage electrostatic precipitator (Electronic cell) captures airborne particles, as small as .01 Microns. In the ionizing section of the electronic cell, billions of microscopic particles become electronically charges as they pass through the powerful electric field. The collector plates immediately attract and collect these charged dust and dirt particles.
  3. Activated Carbon Filter- The activated carbon filter absorbs and reduces odors.
  4. Chemical Filter- The chemical filter absorbs certain chemical gases and odors.
  5. UV-C Germicidal Lamp- The UV sterilization chamber kills bacteria and viral
    organisms such as influenza, TB, and Legionairres disease as well as other harmful contaminants.
  6. Photo-Catalyst- When the UV light hits the photo catalytic filter, it creates E- and H+, which have an excellent effect in the decomposition of odors.
  7. Negative Ion Generator – The unit generates negative ions that freshens the rooms air.

What machine do I need?

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers recommends 6 air exchanges per hour, meaning each cubic foot of air is cleaned, purified and re-energized 6 times in an hour. Both of the machines we provide do this.

We would work with you to see how many units are needed. This will be based on the  size and configuration of the rooms. So if you have the cubic Feet of the room we can help you choose the proper device.

What is the warranty

3 year is the standard
10 year extended warranty $500.00

What consumables are involved $375.00 per year

1) Activated Carbon- Changed 3 times per year
2) Germicidal UV-C+ – Changed once per year
3) Hepa-Rx – Changed once per year

Do you provide service?

We sell the device we deliver, install, and service and we will handle any warranty

What is the value investment?

– Health & Safety benefits for employees, customers, students, teachers, nurses,
Doctors, etc.
– Value to work efficiency with clean air in the work place (See Harvard study)
– Reduces Absenteeism & Health care costs (Employee & Community)
– Improves confidence in the workplace for staff and customers/client

What is the cost of the Machine?

We have 2 Machines the Jade and the Cascade.
Jade $2775.00 Retail
Cascade $7995.00 Retail

Is there a financing Program?

Yes we have multiple programs for Government, Institutional and commercial we
also have residential.
1. Government- Leasing
2. Commercial- Lease and equipment financing agreement
3. Greensky Credit

Why can’t I integrated this device into my HVAC?

HVAC can be adapted but one of the main issues is the amount of energy that is used to run the system with added filtration points. It is something that can be looked at but in many cases it can be cost prohibitive

Can we run out own Independent test?

Yes we can provide a unit to do this. Other groups in Ontario Canada have also done this and we are happy to provide a reference so you can vary your their findings with them.