Clean Surgical Air Comparison Advantages

When it comes to air purification there is no comparison.

The advantage of the Clean Surgical Air purification systems is that purifies and energize the air, thanks to the new technology of air filtration.

The surgical air purification system is the only one in the market with 6 stages of filtration. While the closest competitor has only 3.

At the same time, it’s the only system that moves large volumes of air at a whisper quiet sound levels. It demonstrates the commitment the management have towards patient and staff health by investing in the very best technologies available

Clean Surgical Air
clean surgical air

As we can see, Clean Surgical Air Purification Systems has greater airflow capacity of filtration and purification.

This means that it can purify rooms faster, quicker and cleaner.

As we can see on this table, Clean Surgical Air has double the filters than the competitors that include UV, ionization and carbon filter.

It also Runs quieter than the other purifiers. In comparison HealthPro has no UV, or ionization process nor carbon filter, while Flight Dental has an insufficient air flow rates and also no UV, negative ions nor carbon filter.

clean surgical air

Clean Surgical has greater air flow capacity of filtration and purification and can purify rooms faster, quicker and cleaner.

It has more filters than the competitors that include UV, Ionization and carbon filter.

It also runs quieter than the other air purifiers.


Hazardous Chemicals and Dust
Remove ultra fine particulate and odors for a healthier  and safer working environment.


Airborne Pathogens and Odors
Destroy virus, bacteria and fungi and virtually eliminate sick day and increase productivity.


Best- in – class 6 stage medical grade filtration
Large capacity airflow with sound dampening design for whisper quiet operation.

“The results were instantaneous. There has been a dramatic overall reduction in odors and fine dust particulate throughout the lab. Patients constantly comment on the improved air quality.”

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